'Feline' All in One preventer

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Feline All in One

The 'All in One' preventer helps repel fleas, ticks, worms, bedbugs and mites. It is made from all-natural ingredient and does not contain any chemicals.

The 'All in One' is added to your cat's diet and it is absorbed within the digestion process and then distributed throughout the body. This makes the blood taste repulsive to any parasites.

One of the ingredients used is crushed pumpkin seeds which help remove any worms which usually live in the small intestines.

In today's society, we are finding more owners sleeping with their pets. Cats can be the ideal host for the bed bugs. They can cause irritation and make the skin mottled. Once the bed bugs have fed they return to the mattress until the following night and you are unaware. Some cats can have allergic reactions to any bites it can be hard for yourself or the vet to detect or establish what may be causing the allergy. This can result in spending quite a considerable amount of money on unnecessary tests and medications.
Cats can be susceptible to environmental issues like grass mites, harvest mites and other parasites which may lurk in the grass and bushes. The "All in one" should help prevent these parasites from taking hold.

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* Gluten Free

Ingredient: Crushed and flaked pumpkin seeds, garlic, Linseed