Morse, belongs to a young boy who has written to Santa Claus asking for his pet dog Morse back. Re: Daily Mail 20th December I am sure his reindeers will help too. If anyone knows or has any suspicions of where Morse may be or maybe you know of a male Border Terrier being sold, then please contact the above number, Kent police, or Doglost. It will be treated in the strictest confidence. And you will help heal the broken heart of a little boy. If the thief reads this (You never know) then please if you have a conscience, or a person who may have him please return Morse to his RIGHTFUL owner. And make one little boy very happy at Christmas. Keep making Morse "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Paws, and finger crossed.

UPDATE** Morse is home!!!!! He was found on the street in Meopham and taken in by a lovely family who bathed and fed him and then trawled the internet for lost dogs. They contacted us and we were reunited late Friday, 12 January. Morse was vet checked yesterday morning and although he is a bit thin and his pads are worn, he seems to be in good health if a bit subdued. We are all over the moon. Thank you to everyone who has helped to bring him home. Your support has been unbelievable. We cannot thank you enough xx




Some of the services we offer:


  • Complementary & alternative medicines
  • Colitis and other digestive problems. The use of supplements are becoming more popular to help your dog overcome digestive disorders and to give them a boost with natural products.
  • Flower Remedies. Each one is tailor made to suit your dog and their problems. They are all made fresh and are easy to administrate to your pet.
  • Diet and lifestyle. Whether your dog is overweight or underweight we can advise on diet and an exercise routine which fits into anyone’s busy lifestyle. More dogs are living in a urban environment now and they need the correct diet to compensate for any changes. We work with you and your dog to find whether they have allergies or intolerance to certain foods or additives.
  • Canine behaviour related problems
  • Hands on therapy for your dog. We offer hands on therapy for your pet. We use certain massage techniques which can include the use of pressure acupuncture, heat or cold compress or physiotherapy.
  • Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome. We have been conducting some research and trials using supplements. We are having a continued result in limiting the amount of episodes and they are less severe.
  • Microchipping for breeders at a low cost in your own home.  They will be registered with PetLog (Kennel club).
  • New for this year is emergency treatment for dogs at local events or shows. We are fully qualified to assist with RTA’s, dog fights, drowning, chocking, broken bones, shock or any other type of injury.
  • We are conducting Canine First Aid awareness courses which will cover most emergency treatment you may encounter with your dog. It is an ideal opportunities for people who work with animals to expand their knowledge on how to treat a dog in an emergency situation.  


What is meant by complementary and

alternative medicines?

Complementary and alternative therapies are a diverse group of practices and products not considered part of conventional (mainstream) medicine. Although 'complementary and alternative' is often used as a single category, it can be useful to make a distinction between the two different ways of using these treatments. Complementary therapies are used together with conventional medicine while alternative therapies are used instead of conventional medicine, although they are sometimes used at the same time as, but not in deliberate concert with, conventional medicine. 'Integrative medicine' is a term used to refer to treatments that combine conventional medicine with those complementary therapies for which there is reasonable evidence of safety and effectiveness.

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