Plaque Fresh

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Plaque fresh is an easy-to-use product which will keep your pet's mouth hygienic, and help to keep the teeth clean. It containing enzymes that fight bad bacteria and break down plaque. It is natural and safe to use alongside other products. Plaque fresh is added to your dog’s diet each time they are fed.
Helps remove plaque and tartar buildup as well as eliminating any bad breath which may be due to poor dental hygiene.

For the heavy build-up of plaque, it is recommended that you brush your dog's teeth to break up any tartar and plaque. Make sure your pet always has fresh water.

How does Plaque Fresh work?
The seaweed used in Plaque Fresh has shown to possess an anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains vitamins, minerals, and trace element as well as mint and parsley which will help improve your dog’s breath. This product is safe for those who are gluten intolerant.

Ingredient: Mint, parsley, seaweed. (Gluten-free)

0 – 10kg ½ to 1 dosage spoon each meal

10 – 20kg 1 to 2 dosage spoons each meal

+20kg 3 to 4 dosage spoons each meal