Natural Restore Supplement Gluten free 30 day

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Natural Restore Supplement (gluten-free) is a blend of chicory Inulin, prebiotic, a live yeast probiotic, chickweed, milled linseed & dandelion root. The live yeast helps line the gut wall and acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria. It also improves the uptake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, which can result in improved general health, skin and coat condition. It also helps stabilise stomach acids, reduces the amount of bile being produced. The pancreas, the liver, and the kidneys do not have to work as hard to remove the toxins. This will result in fewer tummy noises and will help aid the digestion process so the gut has less chance to go into cramp or feel uncomfortable for your dog. These symptoms can result in your dog not eating because it associates eating with discomfort.

Natural restore supplement can be used to

  • Aid digestion.
  • Help boost the immune system
  • Support the liver, kidneys and other vital organs
  • Can help manage CECS and colitis
  • Help's reduce toxins within the body which may be causing allergies
  • Helps with hair loss due to hormonal changes
  • Can help with skin-related issues

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