Flower Remedies

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The Bach Flower Remedies is a system of 38 Remedies discovered by Dr. Bach to help us and our animals feel better emotionally

The most commonly used remedy for pets is called Rescue Remedy has been used successfully on animals who have experienced trauma, have fear of thunder and firework, dislike visits to the Vet and Groomer. Dog owners have experienced success when using Rescue Remedy on their dogs with seizures.

In addition, the Rescue Remedy there are a total of 38 Bach Flower Remedies that in combination can help all emotional imbalances ranging from fears, hyperactivity, jealousy, over-protective, possessive, overly-needy, lack self-confidence, inability to learn and anything in between.

It may at first be hard to decide which remedy to choose for your pets' behaviour, but as you get to know your pets and animals you understand how they feel, you can see the change of attitude if you introduce a new family member to the family and the pet may feel jealous, and therefore need Holly. Or your cat may be very needy for our attention and therefore require Chicory. Some animals dislike anything to do with the car, vet and grooming and may need either Mimulus and or Rescue Remedy. A barking dog may be fearful and lack confidence and may need Mimulus and Larch.

By looking at our pet’s environment and the personality we can determine which of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies your pet needs.

Flower remedies available are Firework calm, Aggression, Calm, CECS, Fear, Pack harmony, Skin Itch, Travel sickness.

Directions on how to give the Bach Remedies to animals:

Flower remedies can be rubbed on the animal’s gum, ears or paws as needed, 6 drops on food and you can add 2 drops to the drinking water.