Some allergies are easy to recognise by swelling, redness, rashes, digestive issue’s, ear and eye infections, swollen glands, itchy paws and anal gland problems. A lot of the allergies can be eradicated by changing your dog’s food or changing to gluten free, soya free, beef free, dairy free, Pork-free, wheat free and no eggs.

Unfortunately, not all allergies are diet based. Some dogs are allergic to certain environment issues like Pollen, grass, stagnant water bathing, environment factors and others causes. Unfortunately, not all allergies are easy to diagnose without conducting allergy tests or in most cases elimination of certain products or environment issues.
Whatever the trigger, we know that it starts with the immune system which cannot tolerate the cause.

The Immune system is important and vital for the health of your dog. Whatever the illness or disease it is usually caused by the failure or breakdown of this process and may result in allergies, metabolism, endocrine disorders, cancer, colitis, liver disease and other problems suffered over the dog’s lifetime.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and any type of skin disorder whether it's redness or itching is usually a sign that your dog’s immune system is not working to its full capacity.

Usually, most illness starts with a toxin. This may have entered your dog’s body by way of diet, absorbed through the skin via flea products and other insecticides. Air fresheners, carpet cleaners, cleaning products and even products used by your local council to disinfect the area around dog bins, chemicals found in certain dog medications and vaccines. The list is endless.

Here are examples how toxins and a lower immune system may cause your dog to become ill.

Arthritis: the toxins go to the joints.
Renal failure: the kidneys cannot longer function properly as a result of toxic overload.
Liver failure: the liver cannot function because it is full of contaminates, cancer always starts from the Liver/weakness. Liver damage happens because of the Chemical drugs we give them monthly, bi-monthly and yearly.
Breathing difficulty: the lungs are full of contaminates causing oxygen deprivation among other difficulties. All of us know oxygen is paramount to health.
Tumours: the body is trying to push the toxins out of the body. It has found a weakness in a particular tissue and now you see the tumour with your naked eye. Cysts are resulting.
Skin problems: the skin is the largest organ of the body; hence the first clues of toxic overload or reaction usually appear as skin problems and itching.
Cancer: contaminated blood will cause irregular cells which are how cancer is medically described .ie drugs that contaminate poison the blood… heartworm drugs, chemical wormer, flea, mange and heartworm drug treatments.
Ear problems: continual use of antibiotics and other toxic drugs will cause severe ear issues i.e. fungal infections including strong skin odour.
Diabetes: as a result of nutritional deficiencies.
Epileptic seizures: toxic chemicals where a pet has sensitivity to many chemicals has reached the brain tissues.
Severe itching and biting of paws, the base of tail and belly.
Anal Glands: Under activity can cause compacted gland cysts, abbesses and a general feeling of being in discomfort. The anal glands function is to express toxins from your dog which could be harmful. This can be corrected by using the right diet and added supplements to help the anal glands express naturally and safely.

Natural restore supplement can help remove any toxins which may have entered your dog’s body and in most cases, it helps to maintain the natural immune process keeping your dog healthy throughout its life.