Flower Remedy for CECS sufferers

Flower Remedy for CECS sufferers

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This flower remedy is perfect for CECS sufferers. Add to food and water, no nasty smell or taste and your dog will adapt to it well.

The rescue remedy is made up from five of the Bach flower remedies which seem to cover the symptoms of a dog before the episode and while having an episode.


Rock Rose- This is a remedy for accidents, sudden illness or when a dog is frightened or terrified. It brings relaxation, calmness and can restore the balance needed.

Star of Bethlehem- This is a remedy for shock, panic or trauma and it can neutralize the effect and restore comfort and emotional healing.

Cherry plum- This is a remedy for mental and emotional state. This remedy drives away all the wrong ideas and gives the sufferer mental strengths and confidence.

Impatiens- This is a remedy for dogs who are frustrated or stressed. It restores serenity and relaxations.

Clematis-This remedy is for hysteria or loss of control. This remedy brings stability, calm and balance to a dog that is traumatized and detached from their way of life. 

Use in conjunction with the Natural restore supplement.

Contains: Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Mimulus, Cherry plum, Rock rose 

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