CECS supplement

CECS supplement


It is blend made up from Cereal, chicory Inulin, a prebiotic, a live yeast probiotic, chickweed, milled linseed & dandelion root.

How does it work?

The live yeast helps lines the gut wall and acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria which can seep into the organs and blood supply. It works by helping to improve the uptake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes which the body needs to function correctly.  The chickweed contains natural vital vitamins which your dog may miss out on due to a digestive problem. The milled linseed adds natural oil to your dog’s coat and skin so keeping it healthy and it also lubricates the stomach and the bowel. The dandelion root encourages your dog to eat where loss of appetite is present. It helps to settle an upset stomach, gas, muscle aches and skin conditions. It also increases the urine production so toxins are removed more regular than normal.

These products all complement each other and are vital for your dog’s health. They work together and as a result they restore and maintain the immune system. It also helps stabilise stomach acids and reduces the amount of bile which is being produced. This should reduce the gastric noises associated with CECS. The majority of toxins and bacteria will be filtered out by the digestive system putting less stress on the other organs. Other changes are

  • Your dog is less likely to suffer from stomach cramp
  • Less regurgitation of white or yellow bile
  • Your dog will be more comfortable after eating a meal
  • It will encourage your dog to eat because they won’t associate eating with a discomfort


Some interesting findings from the research have shown in non CECS sufferers that their skin and fur has become healthier, eyes are much brighter, gluten intolerance is controlled, firmer stools, less colitis bouts, increased immune system and the supplement can be taken alongside any prescribed medication. It has also reduced skin related allergies making them less severe and in some circumstances their allergies have gone completely.