CECS trial results

CECS trial results

Summarising results for CECS/Colitis Research


14 dogs took part over a period of 6 months


Group 11/14         4 CECS sufferers

Group 08/15         6 CECS sufferers and 4 Colitis sufferers


14/14     No reports of dogs refusing to eat food with       supplement in.

11/14     Dogs drank water with liquid supplement in without any problems.

3/14       Refused to drink water with drops added.

8/14       Dogs appetites increased

12/14     Owners saw a significant change in their dog’s     health and personality within 2 to 5 days of being on the supplement and drops.

12/14     Owners reported an improvement in fur and skin condition as well as black wet nose

8/14       Owners reported their dog as less stressed, more settled and less aggressive towards other dogs

7/14       Owners reported weight increase but at a healthy rate.

5/14       Dog’s maintained their weight

2/14       Reported dogs had lost weight but they were overweight to begin with

8/14        Reported normal poo’s

3/14        Reported firmer poo’s

1/14        Reported constipation (reduced dosage to correct)

2/14        Reported that poo’s had improved

2/14        Reported anal gland problem had disappeared since being on the supplement

4/14        Reported their dog’s breath had improved and they had less wind

12/14      No reports of yellow or white bile regurgitation.

1/14        Reported of vomiting food once while being on the trial

1/14        Vomited bile with grass

8/14        Reported less grass eating while out  6/14 N/A

7/14       Reported no grumbly or noisy tummies   7/14  N/A


Effect the supplement had on non-related allergies not associated with CECS or Colitis.

2/14       Dogs had itchy paws before the supplement. All problems now resolved within 2 weeks of taking supplements.

2/14        Dogs suffered with ear mites before the trial have now reported no problems with ears.

1/14        Dog suffered with eczema on inside hind leg and on the belly has said 2 weeks after using the supplement the condition had cleared up and now she has stopped the steroids and her dog is happy again.


2/14     Colitis dogs who were intolerant to gluten have now been placed on a pet food which has gluten in and they can now tolerate it without any adverse effect.

1/14 CECS dogs who were intolerant to gluten can now tolerates it.


CECS results


6/8       Owners reported no CECS episodes over a period of 3 months.

1/8       One owner who‘s dog was having 2 episodes a day has not had one since starting the supplement 6 weeks ago.

2/8       Reported 3 episodes but these were a lot less aggressive and were shorter


Colitis results

3 /4      Reported no colitis while being on the supplement

1 /4      Reported a colitis bout. Did admit her dog has eaten a Farley’s rusk the day before which may have affected the result.

4/4       Reported overall health had improved over the 3 month period.




Overall findings:  The supplement seems to help and aid a number of digestive illnesses as well as skin problems resulting from allergies. The research shows that the supplement can in; most situations manage and reduce the number of CECS episodes.  No matter what the trigger is for these episodes the supplement works by controlling what nutrients vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes are needed by the body by way of the gut, the liver, the kidneys and pancreas.  After this process they are evenly distributed then at a normal rate of which the digestive system can deal with. It may help to remove toxins as well as stabilise the stomach acids and  reduce the amount of white or yellow bile being produced It also lines the gut wall and acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria.

All round it improves general health, skin and coat condition and will result in less tummy noises and can help aid the digestion process so the gut has less chance to go into cramp or feel uncomfortable for your dog.