BT Health Trust fund

BT Health Trust fund


BT Health Trust Fund

For all Border Terrier Lovers we need your help


The Animal Health Trust need your help by way of a cheek swab. This information will help generate a data base for CECS sufferers and nonsufferer

We need CECS dogs

Gluten Intolerant Dogs

Epileptic Dogs

Healthy Dogs DNA

The freezer is in place and needs to be filled

Please email Bryan McLaughlin at the AHT for a swab ,,,,,, there will be a short form to fill in and pedigree forwarded

Please,Please join the research and your DNA will help find the end result

Any questions you are not sure about email me

Everything the researchers do is in strictest confidence.

Up,Up and away xxx

Jan Gale



This page has been set up to raise monies for the research into Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome and Shaking Puppy Syndrome in Border Terriers. Every penny raised will be donated to the research teams involved to enable them to use the monies to fund the above research to ensure the health and wellbeing of Border Terriers for now and the future - both in the UK and Worldwide. All donations go direct to the AHT Bank Account from here, exclusively for Border Terriers.

The monies to purchase a DNA freezer have already been kindly donated to the research team to collate and store DNA samples for Border Terriers.

For anyone wanting further support and information on the above conditions please go to the Facebook Group Page  Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome.

With special thanks to the below for their continued support for our beloved breed:

Mark Lowrie MA Vet MBMVM Dip ECVN. MRCVS

(Dovecote Veterinary Hospital )

Prof Robert Harvey (UCL)

Bryan McLaughlin BAc (hons)

AHT (Animal Health Trust )

Thank you in advance,

Jan Gale and Michelle Barnett

Please click on the link below to donate. Thank you.